Summary of our Work



What our Work Experience Projects

are all about



Here you (Peter and Lewis) can leave comments and ideas for the poster and what you have been doing...



There are 3 mains things that we should focus on talking about:


Airo Cam-

  • How to measure the volume and the mass of the balloon
  • How to deploy the balloon in a safe and efficient way which doesn't damage the balloon
  • Improvements which could be made 
  • Airo Cam in the field; flying and photos etc.  


  • Describe the method and to measure the balloon
  • More than 1 technique to measure a balloon's volume, desribe the water one
  • Annotate/analyse the concluding picture of results 

Sun's Movement-

  • The pattern of the sun and the contrasts between the different seasons
  • Contrasts between the Northern Hemisphere and the Southern Hemisphere
  • The signicance of shadows and what they can be used for
  • Showing an experiment of observing the sun


  • Describe and explain why the sun moves, using the diagram  


  • Surveying objects in 3D- Monument stone
  • How to set-up 3D, how to make a 3D image 
  • Uses of 3D and advantages/disadvantages compared to 2D  


  • Say what is happening in the picture and also why it is so important to do.  


This is the link to the general poster layout....


This is a link to our final poster...