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How to make a 3D Panoramic

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Choose the site you would like to use in your panaramic. making sure that all the objects of interest aren't to close as this will make the 3D imaging impossible.

Set up your tripod and camera making sure that the tripod 'mount' is level as otherwise you will end up with an tilted horizon in the image at the end. To adjust the tripod 'mount' you can use the spirit level built into the tripd and either change the leg length or the location of the ball joint.

Attach your camera on an extention 10 CM away from the fulcrum.

Take a photo with the camera and move 10 degrease in what ever direction you like, once you have done that 36 times move the camera so it is pointing down by aprroximately 10 degrees and repeate till you have got all the images you want. You might want to repeat this again with a further tilt of 20 degrees or more. Then take photos of any objects that were too high and were missed out of your panorama.
Rotate the camera by 180 degrees and repeate step 3.  
Load the first half and after finishing the  second half of the images into a panoramic merging software (autostich). Make sure that they are both starting at the same point.
Put both panorama images into a 3D combining software (anaglyph) and then remove the sky to give you the final peace. (You might find it easier to remove the sky before combining to a 3D image)
a hyper link tot he final thing with a black back ground)  


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