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Gardom's Edge

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Gardoms edge is situated near Baslow in Derbyshire. It has been extensively surveyed by many universities (Sheffield) They, as well as many others, have surveyed this neolithic site for several reasons, one being The Standing Stone.



This is the standing stone. To find out more click here.

So many of you might be thinking. "What is so special about Gardom's Edge?" It is quite obviously a neolithic site; there are stone carvings. Like this, dating back many thousands of years. This neolithic community were not unaware of how the Sun moves and how shadows act at different times of the year. This is why we think that a standing stone in Gardoms Edge is a seasonal sundial.


These people have not just made one interesting object. They have made many. Using raw materials such as stone, they built an enclosure in which gatherings took place between the small, dispersed comunities to exchange goods or maybe have a feast. To learn more about the enclosure click here


There are many features at Gardom's Edge. Neolithic monuments, objects, and farmland have all been carved out from the landscape. These "Cavemen" have built many interesting structures. To see an accurate layout of the whole of Gardom's Edge click here.                      


                                                                                Richard Lloyd Mills.


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